Benefits of Surah Fil

Benefits of Surah Fil

Surah Fil, the 105th surah of the Quran, revealed in Mecca, and having five verses, has many benefits. This surah is short and can be easily memorized, especially by kids. Its recitation brings both physical and spiritual benefits. In this article, we will go over some of those benefits.

Spiritual Benefits

The recitation of every surah has spiritual and physical benefits. By spiritual benefits, we mean rewards in the hereafter, whereas physical benefits are in this world. There is a narration from Abu ‘Abdullah Jafar ibn Muhammad, one of the descendants of the Prophet (s), who said: “Whoever recites Surah Fil in his obligatory prayers, all of the creatures of the universe bear witness that he has been one of those who maintained his prayer. Then a voice is heard saying you have rightfully borne witness concerning my servant. I have accepted your testimony, so make him enter heaven, for he is one of those whom Allah loves him and his deeds.”

If you want to recite this surah in your obligatory prayers, you must also recite Surah Quraysh after it. In other words, reciting only this surah is not permitted; both surahs Fil and Quraysh must be recited.

Physical Benefits

Only two physical benefits have been reported concerning the recitation of Surah Fil. The first one is being saved from your enemies. It’s been said that if you recite this surah 98 times on a Wednesday and blow it on your enemies, they will be defeated.

The second benefit of reciting this surah is not being drowned. The Noble Prophet (s) has said that whoever recites this surah, Allah will save him from being drowned until the end of his life, and his face will never be deformed.

Memorization of Surah Fil for Kids

Surah Fil is one of the easiest surahs for kids to memorize. When it comes to memorizing the Quran, one of the first surahs they should try to memorize is surah Fil. It only has five verses. The benefits of this surah are quite helpful for kids. Entering heaven, being saved from enemies, and not being drowned benefit all adults and children alike.

Another Benefit of Surah Fil

In general, when we read Surah Fil, there are many things we learn that benefit us. For example, Allah shows us that an army of massive elephants is nothing compared to His own power. It shows that if Allah wills, He will defend and protect His holy house of Kaaba supernaturally. Our faith and reliance on Allah increase when we learn about these things.


Surah Fil is one of the best surahs of the Quran for kids to memorize because it is short and easy to memorize. Surah Fil has many benefits: entering heaven, defeating one’s enemies, and being saved from drowning.

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