Online Quran Learning for Kids

Online Quran Learning for Kids

Online Quran learning for kids has recently drawn attention, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning the Quran online as opposed to attending physical classes has certain advantages. In this article, we will analyze the issue of online Quran learning for kids.

Online Quran Learning Is Safer

One of the problems with attending physical Quran classes, especially for young children aged 3-5, is parents’ concern about their children’s health. It is extremely difficult to take children who are only three or four years old to a class and entrust them to a teacher. One cannot be sure that their kids will pay attention and learn what the teacher says. On the other hand, when a child is learning the Quran in the comfort of their home via an electronic device, parents are at the very least informed about what their child is doing. In addition, they will know whether they are learning or not. Besides, they do not have to worry about their safety and health. Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s health is at risk.

What Are Some Ways of Learning Quran Online for Kids

There are various methods for teaching the Quran to kids online. Different interactive apps intend to teach the Quran to children. However, the apps must be specifically tailored to the needs of kids who still cannot read or write. The apps must contain videos, drawings, fun Quranic facts, interactive activities, Quranic stories, and much more so that kids can learn the Quran. The goal is that children in the age range of 3-5 should become able to memorize some parts of the Quran. They should especially learn the short surahs that are in the last juz’ of the Quran.

We here in have prepared a unique mobile app for all portable devices that enables kids to memorize short surahs and learn many other things, such as the stories and meaning of the verses and surahs taught. The app is centered around a kid’s puppet show hosted by the loving and caring Quran teacher, Zainab. There are also two cute and lovely puppets, Hadi (boy) and Huda (girl), who are siblings. Each episode teaches one verse of a short surah. The show has an exciting storyline related to the verse eventually taught. After that, Zainab makes arts and crafts that are also related to the concept and story of the verse. Download the Quran Kids app now so that your kids can enjoy learning the Quran.

Face-to-Face Online Quran Learning

Learning the Quran using video chat is another option. However, there are certain limitations. First, kids of all ages cannot partake in such classes because they are playful and do not have the discipline to sit in one place and interact with their teacher and classmates. Second, classes tend to get tedious for kids as engaging in fun activities is not very possible. Kids must sit in one place and listen as the teacher tries to teach them the Quran.

Nevertheless, face-to-face online Quran learning has its benefits. It is similar to a physical classroom environment where the students can ask questions from their teacher and get their answers right away. Of course, this way of teaching the Quran is suitable for kids aged 7-12 for the reasons mentioned.

Help Me Choose

Whether you want to teach the Quran to your kids online or through physical classes is all your choice. If you opt for online learning, another dilemma is whether you should go for a video chat learning style or an app-based one. Learning the Quran through physical classes has become less common in today’s world, especially for kids who are too young for classes. We recommend the app-based approach because it is much easier, hassle-free, and more efficient in teaching the Quran than other methods. The Quran Kids application offers a unique way of teaching the Quran to kids. You can download the app, watch two sample videos of the course, and purchase the course to change your kids’ lives for a better future.


There are various ways that kids can learn the Quran. Typically, teaching kids the Quran proves to be quite tricky in Western countries because it is almost impossible to find a qualified and learned Quran teacher. Online Quran learning solves this problem because Quran teachers from one side of the world can teach the Quran to kids on another side of the world. The Quran Kids app does just that. It teaches the Quran in a fun and innovative way, such that your kids will never get bored of learning the Quran. A qualified teacher who is a native speaker of both English and Arabic, namely Zainab, teaches the course. Visit and download the app. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Abu Mahdi
Abu Mahdi
I'm Abu Mahdi, one of the writers of this blog. I have a BA in English literature and an MA in English language teaching. I am also a teacher and reciter of the Quran in the field of reading the Quran, tajweed, and maqamat. I play as the grandpa in the Quran Kids show.

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