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Incorporating fun activities into Quran learning for kids has many benefits. We have to make the Quran learning process fun and entertaining. In this way, kids will learn the Quran more efficiently and effectively. In this article, we will look at some fun activities that we can use to teach the Quran to kids aged 5-12.


Kids in this age range love to hear stories from the Quran, and in this way, they will learn the Quran better. You must begin by telling Quranic stories of each of the verses of the short surahs of the Quran, such as surahs Fatiha, Kawthar, Fil, Quraysh, and Qadr. Suppose you only teach kids to learn and memorize these surahs without telling their stories. In that case, kids will not be so interested and excited to learn about them. If you want to learn how exactly you can tell the stories of the mentioned surahs, consider enrolling in our course, “Quran Kids.” The host, Zainab, tells the story of each of the verses of nine short surahs:

1. Fatiha

2. Kawthar

3. Fil

4. Quraysh

5. Qadr

6. Maun

7. Kafirun

8. Tin

9. Adiyat

She tells kids the stories of all of the verses of these surahs in each episode, making it 56 verses in 56 episodes.

Stating Fun Facts for Each Verse

Kids love small pieces of information. Stating fun Quranic facts for each verse and surah that kids memorize each day is truly rewarding. Teachers and parents can inform kids of interesting facts about each verse they teach them. In this way, kids will not get bored of learning the Quran and its meaning.

Quranic Games

Undoubtedly, playing games with kids is one of the best ways of helping kids remember the verses they learn and memorize. Try to be creative when playing Quranic games with children. Let us see what kind of Quranic games kids can play with each other.

Guess the Surah

You can play this game with kids by reciting one verse from a short surah that kids have memorized and then ask them to say what surah it is. The teacher recites the surah, and the kids take turns to answer. The teacher does not say which kid guessed correctly until everyone else has answered. Afterward, the teacher says which kids guessed correctly. Those who guessed correctly move to the next stage, while those who guessed incorrectly are knocked out. The same procedure is followed in the next round until only one person remains and wins the competition. If more than one person answers all the questions correctly until all the surahs that kids have memorized are done, those kids jointly win the competition.

Turn-Based Recitation

Kids sit next to each other and form a circle. The teacher asks one of the kids in the circle to recite a specific surah. For example, the teacher tells one of the kids to recite the first verse of Surah Kafirun. If they recite the first verse correctly, the person to their right must recite the next verse. This goes on until the kids recite the whole surah, after which they must recite another surah. If one or more kids don’t know the verse when it’s their turn, they are knocked out. Those who recite the verses correctly qualify for the second, third, etc., round. This is done until only one person remains, the winner of the contest.

Guess the Word

The teacher must say the meaning of a word to kids. For instance, they can say which word means disbelievers. The answer is kafirun. Then, kids have to raise their hands quickly to answer the question. Whoever raises their hand quicker should answer the question. If that kid answers correctly, they win one point. Whoever wins ten points first wins the game.

Arts and Crafts

Another popular activity that you can do with kids to make Quran learning fun is making arts and crafts relevant to the surah and verse you are teaching. Try to be creative when making arts and crafts. For example, you can make a model of the Kaaba with black cardboard for the third verse of Surah Quraysh, which is about the House of God. You can also make elephants after teaching the first verse of Surah Fil. Moreover, you can make small birds together with kids for the third verse of Surah Fil, which is about the flock of small birds who defeated the army of elephants by throwing stones of hard clay at them.

If you want to get more ideas about what kind of arts and crafts you can make for kids, enroll in the Quran Kids course, in which the teacher of the course makes 56 different arts and crafts for each verse of the nine surahs taught. Download the app now.


When you have achieved something great, wouldn’t it be good if you celebrated that achievement? Kids particularly love celebrations. They love birthday parties and Eid celebrations. After kids have finished memorizing an entire surah, celebrating this wonderful achievement is a no-brainer. In this way, kids will love learning and memorizing the Quran and can’t wait to finish other surahs so that there will be more celebrations. How can you celebrate? Easy. Buy a cake, candles, snacks, confetti, balloons, gifts, etc., and have lots of fun.

Meanwhile, go over the verses that kids have memorized and, in the end, give them gifts. Celebrations will make future learning a lot more exciting. Our Quran Kids course also has celebrations after completing a surah. Download the Quran Kids app now to get an idea of how you can hold celebrations.


Learning the Quran for kids can be a fun experience through various activities. Teachers, kids, and parents can do different Quranic activities so that kids won’t get bored and will quickly learn and memorize the surahs of the Quran. Some activities for learning the Quran for kids are storytelling, stating fun facts, playing games, and holding celebrations after completing a surah. The Quran Kids app will show you what activities you and your kids can engage in to learn the Quran quickly and enjoyably. Download the app now.

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