About Us

Who is Quran Kids by?

Do you ever worry about where we’re going as a Muslim nation? QuranKids does. If we want to preserve our identity and heritage, education is key. But as a community with 1.7 billion members across the world, we don’t have a powerful Islamic educational platform and our contents are quite weak compared to others.

QuranKids is a project by Islam4U, a group of young men and women with the ambition to secure Islamic education for our people. Islam4U was born with the passion of creating a native independent educational platform and content that really can compete with other groups.

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Why Kids?

While Islam4U is for grown-ups, QuranKids is specifically tailored for kids. Our concern is to get kids to like the Quran — become acquainted and familiar with the Quran — because the Quran and the Ahl al-Bayt (s) are the navel of our understanding of religion. And yet, most Muslims live through their lives and become adults without ever really knowing what the Quran is and what it says. They remain deprived of the most important book in our faith and vulnerable to misinterpretations and misunderstandings about what our faith truly is.

And the bad news is that each generation is getting farther from the Quran than its predecessor. The best time to address this schism between faith and the faithful is childhood. If we miss this window, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop new habits and practices.

And that’s what QuranKids is all about; utilizing this pivotal opportunity to engrain our children with love for the Quran.

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