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Quran process learning for kids

The concept behind each Surah is introduced with a captivating play and an intriguing story

Then, one verse is recited and repeated several times in different ways to consolidate it for your loved ones

The child learns 1-3 verses each day.

Quran kids app

We use methods specially designed for children's learning, such as learning with arts and crafts

Each episode is max 20 minutes. After each episode, the child is asked to listen to an audio of the verse and then to send his/her own recording, which will be listened by our expert. The expert gives your child feedback, support, and encouragement.

Each Surah ends with a dedicated show, acknowledging and celebrating the child's achievement and reviewing the verses once again.

Best Quran Course App for KIDS

The course is taught by professional educators who use modern teaching techniques to indulge the child in learning. All of the lessons are available offline and can be downloaded on the device. 

Note: Your child will have a personal tutor accompanying them throughout the lessons for 4 months.

Quran kids APP

The Best Choice for Parents

  • Exclusive application: With their first look, the child will love this application and after a few minutes, they will learn how to use it.
  • Experienced personal coach: Every child has a coach who accompanies them like a close and loving friend until the end of the course.
  • Collaborative exercises: In addition to the educational videos, there are exercises that not only develop the creativity of children but also greatly help in internalizing the concepts.
  • Available everywhere: You have access to the educational content anytime and anywhere and there is no need to worry about commuting and your child’s health.
  • Refund: This course has a 14-day refund and if you are not satisfied with this course, your money will be refunded. So you can rest assured when buying this course.