Quran Kids Course

Lifetime Access
$ 37
  • 50 Lessons
  • Nine Surahs are taught
  • Video Animation
  • professional Actors
  • Child friendly application
  • Child progress monitored by an expert
  • Certification
user's satisfaction

Satisfaction Guarantee

This course has been made by educational experts that know teaching children methods. then we can assure you the effectiveness and satisfaction at end the of the course. otherwise, you can refund your money.

dedicated app

Dedicated App

We value what we prepared for kids. we know how important the environment is, that's why we offer a special app for kids in order to learn the Quran better. our App is user friendly and secure.

Personal Tutor

It's impossible to learn the Quran without a tutor because kids need to have someone correct, encourage and motivate them in order to feel comfortable learning the Quran.