Our Approach to Teaching Quran

How QuranKids Program Teaches The Quran 


In three easy steps. Sister Zainab kids around and plays with two puppets (Hadi and Huda, enlivened by professional puppeteers and voiced by impressing voice-overs) while teaching the kids the Quran. Our kids won’t even know it, but while they laugh and enjoy the show — probably imagining themselves to be Zainab, Hadi, or Huda (or all three?) — they’re learning the Quran.

Recitation and Arts and Crafts

Each episode starts with an event that leads to Zainab reciting one verse of the Quran and practicing it with the puppets in the studio and kids at home. Kids learn the stories related to each verse, the reason of revelation, the Quran teachings, and life skills based on that verse. The show ends with Zainab teaching the kids to make a handicraft related to that specific verse — that’s called Kinesthetic learning by the way, just to sound a bit posh . And it all happens without the kids knowing they are learning the verse. This is step one.


In step two kids listen to a professional rendition of the verse by a child. Kids listen to the verse and upload their recitation of the verse to the app. They can also upload videos of their recitation or pictures of their handicraft to the application, where it will be showcased to all other children and parents involved in the program. This gives children a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment, as their recitation and handicraft are featured on the app.

Dedicated Tutor

Each student is accompanied by a dedicated tutor who follows up on the children’s progress. Our tutors are experts in Quran recitation and on dealing with children. Their primary job is to help kids correct their recitation, and also keep them motivated to continue the course.

The Surahs that QuranKids covers

Research shows that one of the keys to engagement and consistency is constant achievement and success, especially for kids. We must always feel that we’ve done something, completed something, achieved something.

QuranKids has selected 16 short surahs of the Quran, which are easy to learn. Before they know it, kids will have learned a whole chapter, which may only be a few verses but it gives the energy of A WHOLE SURAH.

Season 1 of QuranKids includes nine short surahs in over 60 episodes, covering surahs Al-Fatiha, Al-Kawthar, Al-Fil, Quraysh, Al-Qadr, Al-Maun, Al-Kafirun, At-Tin, Al-Adiyat. At the end of each episode, kids learn to make a handicraft related directly to the verse or its message. At the end of each surah, kids are rewarded with a bonus “Celebration” episode to recognize their accomplishment, which can also be re-enacted at home.

Quran Kids

What makes QuranKids unique and “for kids”

  • It’s funny: and keeps the children engaged
  • Starts with an exciting event: to captivate the children.
  • Gives kids something to relate to: kids relate to both the puppets in the show and the child-reciter in the app.
  • Handicrafts: kids learn to use their motor-skills to reincarnate what they have learned. Kids enjoy making stuff, something that is made by themselves.
  • Repetition: the verses and lessons are taught through repetition.
  • Recognition: the application gives a chance to parents to demonstrate how proud they are of their children. The episodes constantly acknowledge the children’s achievements, e.g. learning a whole surah.

Special Features that you gain once your Sign up


kids can upload their recitations and handicrafts to the application, where it will be showcased to other users of the app. Kids gain exposure, feel proud of being seen for their effort by other people.

Personal tutor

our personal tutors are experts in Quran recitation and have been trained to accommodate the kids. Each tutor personally follow up on a child’s progress.

Learns to teach others:

as kids complete this course, they learn to teach others, including their siblings, giving them a sense of competence and ability.


at the end of the course, kids receive a certificate proving their completion of the course.