Frequently Asked Question

Thank you parents for your attention! you may have some questions 0r concerns about this course, does your child get a good result from enrolling in this course or not…
please check the questions, maybe one of them would be yours. 

Who created Quran Kids?

This online course has been created, designed, and edited by a professional team of Quran Kids experts consisting of: 

  • Experts in the study of the Quran
  • Children educators and instructors 
  • Specialists in the study of family 
  • Graphic designers
  • Professional actors and puppeteers
What will my child learn in this course?
  • Season One of Quran Kids (which is comprised of NINE separate surahs):
    1. Al-Hamd
    2. Al-Fil
    3. Al-Qadr
    4. Al-Quraysh
    5. Al-Kawthar
    6. Al-Kafirun
    7. Al-Adiyat
    8. At-Tin
    9. Al-Ma’un
  • Authentic Arabic pronunciation
  • History and tale of each Surah 
  • Morals and lessons from each story
  • Applicable real-life skills
How are the lessons presented and taught?
  • Learn ayahs one at a time

Taking it slow is the best way for the kid to grasp the purpose of the lesson. Each ayah is learnt at its own pace while examining its pronunciation, background story, and how it links back to the rest of the ayahs within the surah. 


  • Learn through the context 

Each lesson is carefully designed to lead the learners through the storyline until they fully understand the given points. The main characters, Hadi and Huda, help the kids in observing and identifying certain ideas and themes that relate back to the new verse and its meaning. 


  • Learning through repetition

Each ayah learnt in the lesson is repeated multiple times at a slow pace so that the child has a chance to imitate their tone and pronunciation. The verse is often read by the host of the episode, the cousin Zainab, who recites it in correct Arabic articulation. 


  • Learning with visual aids

The kids are presented with various eye-catching illustrations and images where they are used as a tool to convey the message of the lesson. The arts and crafts segment after each lesson also contributes to further grasping the concept and meaning behind the ayah. 


  • Kinesthetic learning through physical activities

In every episode, the kids are surprised with interesting arts and crafts activities in line with the verse they learnt that lesson. As the children use their sensory organs to create a piece of art, they practice the new verse and have a fun time learning the Quran.

Why purchase this course?
  • Have your child learn short surahs from the Quran and their Tafsir
  • Fun and interactive lessons packed with life skills and Islamic morals
  • Produced by professional educators and actors with high quality production 
  • Lessons are available on the Quran Kids App offline 24/7
  • A personal tutor accompanies the student through the learning process