Our Mission

How we plan to use our revenue from QuranKids

Mainly we will be re-investing anything we make into producing further courses and seasons of this show and other shows, like Salat Kids. The revenue will also be used to expand Islam4U for adults and our other educational projects, such as our Instagram page (which you should totally check out) and our YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to).

As we grow, we’ll be asking others to use our platform for their own courses, we’ll be supporting other groups to produce content for kids and grown-ups. Somewhere in the future, we’ll all connect and become an Islam4U family, helping each other where we need help. This is just a tiny step on a huge mission. We’ve just began, and we’re heading to great places together.

Who is Qurankids for?

Anyone whose concerned about the religious identity of children. Childhood is the most important chance we have to plant God’s values in our children’s lives. The good things we experience in childhood will become memories that we continuously enjoy throughout the rest of our lives. It’s important that one of the memories we keep remembering with joy is the memory of studying and learning the Quran.

QuranKids targets kids aged 5-9, but smaller and older children have also demonstrated a strong inclination to the show. Funny experience: some kids thought it beneath themselves to “like” QuranKids in one exhibition where we ran the show as a trial, but they couldn’t get themselves away from the show!

QuranKids is also an educating show for parents and caretakers on how to talk, teach, and deal with children.